About Us


PTG International, Inc., has at the core of its mission to be trusted partners through providing our expert results-driven evaluation software and services.

Our vision is to be the training evaluation partner of choice by making training organizations business results-driven.

PTG is excited about evaluation.  We value having a team that knows reliability and caring service are the building blocks to our success and the success of our clients since 1993.  PTG provides our clients with software and solutions to determine the value of their training programs.  Gone are the days when training organizations would show their value by simply showing the number of training opportunities delivered.  Government and commercial businesses need to show how their training programs impact their organizational goals.  That’s where we can help.   Our experience and expertise in collecting the right data at the right time along with our dashboards that make telling a clients’ training success stories easier has helped our clients keep and improve their training budgets and programs.  Let us help your training organization be more business results-driven.