Making Sure Your Training Program Is On The Right Path

A solid training evaluation program helps assure your training program is on the right path to providing business results. I Got You [Training Program] (I Feel Good) Imagine you are a training manager for a large agency. Guess what – you have been commissioned to take on a strategic training program. James Brown never felt any better. Your project sponsors apportion a boatload of money to your training organization to develop and deliver the content, and your manager gives you the thumbs up to invest Continue reading →

Training Evaluation: The Best Ways to Assess Success

Use training evaluation models to ensure success in every workforce training development initiative you undertake If I had a hammer You know how somebody with a hammer sees everything as a nail? After a dozen years measuring and assessing the impact of workforce training, I now have a hard time not seeing things from the perspective of the training evaluation models I use in my day-to-day work. When a situation arises that involves some sort of significant change or process improvement, I react like Pavlov’s dogs – without the saliva, mind Continue reading →