Evaluation Process Design/Implementation

PTG has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing multi-level evaluation programs and systems for government and industry. Check out some of our success stories to the right of this text for examples of how we have provided evaluation process support to our valued clients.

PTG is qualified to conduct studies of an organization’s readiness to proceed with multi-level evaluation using the model that is best suited to the organization’s needs. Learn more about the models we use on our Training Evaluation Models page.


Evaluation and Survey Data Processing, Storage, Reporting, and Analysis

Over the past 20 years, PTG has specialized in the development of automated systems to collect, store, analyze, and report on the results of training programs. Our Training Evaluation Measurement for Performance Optimization (TEMPO®) evaluation platform is designed to meet every need pertaining to evaluation and surveying as well as to provide to human capital staff the multi-level system required to implement all aspects of the Kirkpatrick Business Partnership Model®, the ROI Methodology®, or a customized model for your organization’s unique needs. Learn more about TEMPO.

Our customized dashboard technology using MicroStrategy® offers the data visualization and analytics needed to meet the demand for quick decision-making in today’s business culture. Learn more about our Data Analytics Services.


Training Development

As the need for diversified training delivery methods has increased, PTG offers training development services to include In-Person or Virtual Instructor Led Training (ILT), Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning.  PTG is adept at taking existing traditional classroom training materials and converting them to E-Learning modules.  PTG utilizes the latest E-Learning development tools such as Articulate and Adobe Captivate.


Executive Coaching Evaluations

Showing the value of an executive coaching program may seem to be a challenging proposition. How to quantify the value of improving the quality of leadership through coaching leaves many organizations in a quandary. The PTG approach to evaluating coaching includes a multilevel evaluation plan that provides the details and structure to see the benefits or changes needed.  Learn more about our Executive Coaching Program Evaluations