Training Evaluation Models

Whether your organization uses the Kirkpatrick Four Levels model of evaluation, the Phillips ROI model, or another program or training evaluation methodology, PTG has the expertise to help you through the evaluation process that is best for your organization.


Kirkpatricks_PyramidThe PTG team boasts numerous certifications and experience as well as strong relationships with the thought leaders in the evaluation industry. We have worked closely with Jack and Patti Phillips to determine the ROI of training programs for our clients, and we are using our expertise in this area to help a local charity see the value of their grants to improve the lives of children with learning differences. In addition, we have been instrumental in helping some of our Federal clients bring in Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick for Bronze and Silver Kirkpatrick courses and build a common language for their organizations around the critical evaluation process for their training programs.

Want to use your Bloom’s taxonomy objectives in your evaluation process? Sure! We can help with that, too. Our staff are familiar with the entire spectrum of the learning process – from instructional design, including the development of written objectives, to teaching the material to creating and tabulating evaluations that match up with objectives. In addition, we have direct experience in education, along with the business and tech environments. This inside knowledge of the learning process allows us to provide more useful consulting on the evaluation methods of training programs.

Whether your organization is new to the world of training program evaluation models or you are a seasoned veteran with your own internally developed evaluation model, PTG can help refine and/or implement your vision for efficient and effective training with the evaluation data to show your accomplishments.