TEMPO®, PTG’s Evaluation Management Solution, delivers dynamic measurement and analytic solutions for human capital management investments regardless of the training evaluation strategy used (e.g., Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels or the Phillips ROI Methodology). TEMPO (Training Evaluation Measurement for Performance Optimization) enables agencies to automate data collection, training evaluation, reporting, and performance results from a single repository. This allows Learning Managers to evaluate training and to make strategic, evidence-based decisions that drive continuous learning and program improvement.

TEMPO capabilities include:

  • Easy creation of evaluation tools such as customer reaction surveys, pre- and post-tests, manager and employee comparative surveys, and more
  • Question pool creation with multiple question types and customizable Likert scales
  • Scalable, web-based technology
  • Real-time reporting with drill-down capability to report against multiple levels of detail
  • Optional dashboards to aid in analysis and objective decision-making, with easy-to-read visuals powered by MicroStrategy
  • Learning Management System synchronization capability
  • Data Analytics Operational data analysis capabilities
  • Text Analytics Comment sentiment analysis
  • Hosting available on FedRamp compliant GovCloud platform

TEMPO demonstrates the value that training brings your stakeholders by:

  • Ensuring workforce alignment to performance goals
  • Demonstrating that training dollars are being spent wisely
  • Providing a means for complying with regulatory requirements through training