Department of Labor – Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

IT Portfolio Management (ITPfM)
Contract #: 1605C2-21-C-0005

The PTG Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Management (ITPfM) Team provided portfolio management, governance, technology business management (TBM), and capital planning leadership, policy, guidance, and assistance to the OCIO and DOL’s Departmental agencies. PTG’s ITPfM Team was responsible for orchestrating a DOL-wide IT investment and information management review process for a $911 million IT portfolio consisting of 27 agencies, in addition to collaborating and coordinating investment management activities within PBGC. The total IT Portfolio consists of approximately 130 investments including major investments, non-major investments, standard investments, and funding transfers.

Department of Agriculture – Office of Rural Development

Rural Development Website Maintenance and Development
Contract #: 12314422F0524

PTG provided support in several functional areas for Rural Development’s Office of External Affairs to meet the challenges of new Drupal content management system (CMS) development, monitor site traffic, and provide web content support. This included improving information architecture, improving user web navigation, creation of the new Rural Development home page, full time technical support, a G4 Dashboard setup, new program listing and page enhancements, and implementation of discovery pages for the website.

Department of Agriculture – Food and Nutrition Service

FNS Child Nutrition Database O&M Support Services
STARS III Task Order #: 12314422F0675

Through our joint venture with Webfirst (PTG-Webfirst), the PTG Team supported the Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) by providing operational & maintenance services for the agencies Child Nutrition Database (CNDB). This database contains food product data for nutrients allowing State Agencies and School Food Authorities (SFAs) to create centralized food-based menus for mass dispersion. PTG-Webfirst provided data collection from manufacturers, legacy systems, and other federal sources to create an updated version of the CNDB. Other services included program management and reporting, CNDB production and database administration support, quality control branch support (including user guides), and transition support for FNS.

Small Business Administration – Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

SBA IT Workforce Strategic Plan Implementation
Contract #: 73351018C0039

PTG provided SBA’s OCIO with workforce development and human capital consulting services to improve the skillset and flexibility of the SBA IT workforce (2210 Series). In an environment of declining budgets, yet increasing IT modernization demands, PTG was able to optimize the IT workforce, ensuring the OCIO attained the maximum value and ROI from its IT resources and investments.

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