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PTG International is proud to be in association with ROI Institute, which works to help training professionals see and show the value of their programs using the ROI Methodology developed by Jack Phillips.

More than 6,000 organizations are using the ROI Methodology through planned implementation, including at least 300 public-sector governmental units. Approximately 5,000 impact studies are conducted annually in learning and development and human resources.

ROI implementation was first pursued in manufacturing, then moved to service, healthcare, non-profit, and government sectors, and has now moved into educational systems. More than 14,000 professionals have attended certification, representing more than 70 countries.

PTG works with the ROI Institute to offer organizations a thorough, yet easy plan to determine the impact and value of programs by offering consulting and education on the use of the ROI Methodology.

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As associate members of the ROI Institute, PTG helps organizations implement the ROI Methodology, especially for programs with significant investment or visibility that require determining the value to the larger organization.

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