Department of Health & Human Services – Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA)

Training Evaluation Measurement Tool
GSA MAS Task Order #: 75P00120F80257

PTG supported the HHS / ASA / OHR / Human Capital Programs Division (HCPD) providing a comprehensive measurement and analytics solution to serve the enterprise-wide learning and human capital functions across HHS and its Operating Divisions (OPDIVs). PTG’s TEMPO® tool provided a comprehensive training evaluation tool to conduct multi-rater assessments and to measure the impact of HHS Department-wide sponsored training and development programs against the Kirkpatrick Evaluation model and the Department’s strategic goals. This includes producing key metrics and reports that can be leveraged to conduct gap analyses and to inform the Department’s training strategy while facilitating the assessment of the Department’s progress towards achieving established goals.

Department of Homeland Security – Transportation Security Administration

Training Evaluation Services – Design, Analysis, & Reporting
Contract #: 70T01019C7NOTD500

PTG provided evaluation services to expand TSA’s capability to gather, analyze, and report on training evaluation data to assist program areas in making decisions regarding specific TSA training programs and performance needs. PTG’s evaluation specialists assisted in the design, development, distribution, management, collection, analysis, report production, and nationwide report distribution for training evaluation data.

Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service

Evaluation Management System (EMS)
Contract #: 2032H5-20-C-00052

PTG provided the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Leadership, Education and Delivery Services (LEADS) community with its TEMPO® SaaS, Evaluation Management System (EMS) and professional services, to efficiently design, deliver, analyze, and report required data to discern trends regarding training effectiveness and support training programs and IRS leadership with their strategic decision making.

Department of Housing and Urban Development – HUDLEARN

Evaluation Management Support Services
Contract #: DU203NP16C05

PTG provided HUD with a centralized, multi-level Kirkpatrick-based training evaluation solution, including Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. The HUD Training Evaluation System project includes the implementation of PTG’s Evaluation Management System, TEMPO, to create surveys and collect, analyze, and report on training evaluation data. Functionality has been built for HUD to effectively report on the chain of evidence that links training to organizational goals, allowing the Department to align its training with its mission statement and objectives in a much more efficient manner.

Department of Veteran Affairs – Veteran’s Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA)

Enterprise Evaluation Tool
Contract #: 2032H5-20-C-00052

PTG supported the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) and its five professional schools – Acquisition Internship School, Federal Contracting Professional School, Federal Program/Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Facilities Management. PTG provided TEMPO®, its proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Evaluation Tool (EET), to provide a standardized methodology for training evaluation throughout the academy.

US Census Bureau logoDepartment of Commerce – Census Bureau

Training Evaluation Services
Contract #: DOCYA132316SE0156

PTG provided support for the development of training evaluation plans, training surveys, focus group questions, processing of raw training evaluation data from multiple sources, expert analysis of training evaluation data, and development of training evaluation reports (preliminary and comprehensive) for the 2020 decennial Census training program. PTG’s training evaluation experts led Census to evaluate nearly one million responses from temporary workers in the 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico at all four levels of the Kirkpatrick Model (reaction, learning, behavior, results). PTG evaluated quantitative and qualitative responses from students and supervisors for online training, instructor-led training, mid-operation training evaluation, and post-operation evaluation.

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