leader moving upward and onward to a brighter changePAVING THE WAY FOR CHANGE

Organizational development is the practice of helping leaders to make significant positive change to their management, process, and culture. At PTG, we partner with you to successfully lead change, create and sustain a culture of employee engagement, and prepare your workforce for the future. Our experience includes helping leaders to maximize performance at the individual, team, and organizational leader levels.

PTG International can partner with you to provide creative and effective solutions for:

Workforce Transformation and Large-Scale Culture Change

Skills modernization

Helping organization move from strategy to execution

Change communications

Organizational Assessment

Focus groups, interviews, and surveys to identify organizational themes

Helping leaders to understand the employee perspective

Effectively engaging employees in the development of solutions

Employee Engagement

Understanding FEVS results and how to move the needle in the future

Working with leaders to develop realistic action plans

Effectively leveraging Employee Engagement Committees

Team Effectiveness and Facilitation

Providing workshops, meeting designs, and facilitation that enable teams to accelerate growth

Elevating team performance

Leveraging conflict to achieve next-level success

Leadership Development and Coaching — ICF Certified Coaches

One-on-one executive coaching

Group coaching

360 Review coaching

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